The Latest and Greatest Diet!

This is applicable for riders too. We so often worry about our horses that our own health and wellbeing takes a back seat. Now that it is the off season, I am focussing on my own health and fitness as well as that of Bo and GK. Can’t wait to see the results!!

Kelissa Brockett

image-5 Choc Goji Protein Ball

Woweee I am so excited to announce the latest and greatest diet trend that everyone loves and is seeing fantastic results! Wait for it, wait for it …. no its not like the Atkins, Skinny Me Tea, Paleo, Lemon Detox, Weight Watchers or another diet on the market today. This so called diet is for overall health and wellbeing! Ok I am going to scrap the word ‘diet’, man i hate that word for many reasons but the main being that people perceive a diet to be where they either starve themselves or limit themselves to only specific foods and for it to be a temporary quick fix! I think this is mad!

The best way to ‘loose weight’, ‘tone up’ or ‘gain muscle’ is all about

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