Happy 2015!!

After a disappointing end to last year, I took a bit of a break. Actually now I think about it… I have taken a few breaks, not all of them planned.

I gave Bo a few weeks off to let his wound heal. He loved it. Sitting in the paddock, stuffing his face, taking the occasional trip to the beach and giving pony rides, in between pulling shoes off and getting eye ulcers. Luckily the ulcer healed just before Christmas and he has kept both shoes on over the my work break (although one was a bit twisted when the farrier came out this morning). Bo will be my main Eventer this season. We won’t be doing Harvey at all this year as I am not a huge fan of the course and as Capel’s xc warm up is insanity (and Bo’s brain won’t handle it), GK will be competing there however Bo will do the rest of the season. Bo’s first event is a Show Jump training day at Brookleigh where we will be doing 60cms, 70cms and 80cms – and it will be his first time at an event since Dryandra, but I am not anticipating any problems.

GK got a nice break too. a few trips to the beach and not a lot of hard work. All that is about to change tonight though… We have a lesson with I.S who I have replaced D with, as D has moved to the east coast for his career. Sucks for me, but I wish him all the very best. My last lesson with I.S was pretty brutal for GK and I, so much so that I ripped the seat of my Kerrits breeches!! Lesson learnt. Super sticky bums + synthetic saddle = not fun! My amazing grandmother is going to stitch the seat up for me and they will be good as new. GK and I are prepared to work tonight though. Our first competition of the season is on 31st Jan. GK will be predominantly a Dressage and Show Jump pony this season. I am hoping to get him competitive at Novice level by the end of the season and training Elementary. If our last lesson was anything to go by, it should be achievable.

Here are some happy snaps taken from the last few months

Bo and Mon looking cute so I would share my licorice with them


GK… trying to fit in with the young ones.


Casually popping over some Prelim jumps before Xmas


Muddie looking cute while helping me decorate the Christmas tree


Selfie before the work Christmas party


Jess Manson and Legal Star (winners of the Australian International 3DE) at Eventing in the Park.


Bo not impressed at having Bute, eye ointment, an eye patch AND a rug on…


And later on that afternoon, minus most of his rug and one of his shoes.


Cute little blue tongue lizard


GK enjoying his holidays


Christmas morning in Dunsborough


Black Swans and their cygnets in Dunsborough on Christmas Day


SP, Cadbury, S, Bailey, Bo and I trying out SP’s new selfie stick


Beach selfie with Bo


Bo doing pony rides as my god-daughters Christmas present.


Happy New Year


C xx


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