GK Does Dressage

GK got all dolled up and tried his hand at dressage on the weekend.

It had been pretty hot for the few days leading up to the competition so he had minimal work. I worked him lightly on Friday night then treated him to a nice, cool bath (his favourite thing ever… not! GK hates baths). He was plaitted, rugged and put back in the paddock to *hopefully* stay clean until the morning.

Not happy mum!


It was a super early start for me Saturday – 4am. I had to get up, get out to M’s house, hook the float up, feed everyone, move Mon into the paddock with Bo to keep him company while GK was gone and load GK. We got up to Brigadoon with enough time for me to give GK a brush and remove some of the dust that he had managed to cover himself in before tacking him up and getting changed myself.

Sunrise over the trees


On the road


I had about 35 mins to warm GK up before our first test which was the 1.2, he warmed up well but was a little bit distracted. We went into the test and he felt pretty good, which worried me and normally when I feel he is going well, he scores poorly due to lack of impulsion. I needn’t have worried. He did a solid test (for GK) and scored 63.65% and came home in second place. I thought the marks were very fair, his first lot of trot work was not fantastic and he has a really annoying habit of tilting his head or sucking up and going behind the vertical if he is a bit tense. Over all, I was happy with him. We have improved a lot since this time last year and even though there are things to work on, the progress shown is encouraging.

Test sheet #1


I took him back to the float, untacked him and took him over to be measured. The little feral is only just under height for Pony Dressage – The cut off being 148cm without shoes, GK scraped in at 147.95cm. Talk about lucky!

Height card – Officially a Pony… 


I went shopping at Pimp My Pony and bought GK a new Bonnet (he has to look the part if he is doing Dressage and Show Jumping this season…), It’s navy and white and looks pretty dashing on him. GK scored a new bridle… I only wanted the drop noseband, but the whole bridle is pretty nice and it was only $50 so I thought why not? I also bought a new jacket for Show Jumping. It’s a Harry’s Horse St Tropez in Royal Blue. It will be easy to find myself in competition photos this season!

My next test was the 1.1. I gave GK a 20 min warm up before we headed into the arena. One or two Pilot errors (late to trot and I messed up a canter circle), but coming out of it I was super happy. GK was brilliant. Super willing and he was listening to me and not fighting. Regardless of the score, I was delighted with that effort. I went up and got my test sheet and had to double take… GK had not only done what I though was a great test, the judge thought it was pretty good too! We scored 73.182% and won our class!

In action



Test Sheet #2


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Plaits out and rocking a new ‘do


It was a super successful weekend for GK and I. I was so happy with him. Bailey and Angel are injured at the moment, so S asked to borrow him for pony club the next day as he was already clean. It worked out well as M took Champ on his first ridden outing. GK and Champ being good buddies, travelled well and were perfectly behaved. Hopefully they are good together when they go to Capel together.

Until next time

Take care

C xx


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