So Margaret River Dressage was lovely.

IR, SP and I traveled down on Sat 28/2 and arrived at Margaret River Pony Club who graciously let people camp on their grounds. We unhooked the float, got GK and Cadbury settled in with some hay and water before heading off to the wineries.

On the road


We visited Voyager Estate, which was beautiful and bought a couple of bottles from them before heading off to Leeuwin Estate, where by some miracle we managed to get a table for lunch. That never happens on a long weekend as they are booked out months in advance! The wine was amazing, the food was delicious and then we headed back to the pony club to ride the kids. GK was really well behaved, that might have been because I had shared a couple of bottles of wine over the course of the afternoon though. haha whoops.




Leeuwin Estate

8 7 2 3

The next morning we headed over to the oval where the competition was being held and got ready. GK in the unofficial classes and Cadbury in the official classes. (I really need to bite the bullet and get him a performance card). Cadbury didn’t have a great event. She got a little bit spooky and fired up which reflected in her scores. GK warmed up well, but my first arena was running late so he was a bit over done and was starting to get a bit narky with me by the time we went into our first test. He was a bit fired up and I couldn’t push him to much otherwise he would have exploded on me but over all he worked well. I literally came of my first test, cantered over to my next arena where the judges were waiting for me as due to some scratchings, we were now the first riders. GK was not impressed at all, but I somehow managed to harness him and his test was pretty good. He scored well (for GK) with a 66% in the first test and a 67% in the second. The judges marks were very fair and the comments were promising, saying to score 8’s instead of 7’s and 7.5’s I need to push him a little… which on that day, it wasn’t quite possible but we are definitely on the right track.

Margaret River Dressage


While riding Bo last Thursday, the clumsy bugger tripped over his own feet and ripped a shoe off, so he has not been in work for the last 5 days. His shoe was put back on this morning though, so his holiday is over and I can start getting him ready for W.A.Y.E.R. (West Australian Young Event Riders), which is offering EvA95 and EvA80 classes for the first time this year! Which means Bo’s first event is no longer Moora and is two weeks earlier.

Hi… my name is Bo and I like to throw shoes to get out of work.


This weekend that has just gone, I took GK up to Brookleigh for some XC training. I also took a different bit to try him in… It worked perfectly. GK was jumping EvA95 jumps and combinations with no problems. He was listening to me when I was asking him to slow down – and actually responding! It was like he was a different pony. I am going to try it at Capel and if it works well, I will have to invest in one. GK has expensive taste though, it’s a Stubben Golden Wings 4 in 1 Gag and it retails at about $130.

Last night GK had a jump lesson with G at a friend, R’s place. She hasn’t done too much jumping, and needs a bit of help before Interschools. She rode him really well and he was fantastic. By the end of the lesson, G was confidently popping him over a 1m oxer.



Coming up in the next few weeks is Capel (21/3-22/3), W.A.Y.E.R. (Easter Sat and Easter Sun), Interschools (16/4-19/4), Dressage States (25/4-26/4) and Moora (2/5-3/5). It is a jam packed few weeks for sure.

Hopefully we have some good results.

Take Care



2 responses to “Updates

    • It was pretty amazing. Such nice food. I wish that sort of thing was a regular occurrence, unfortunately it isn’t. Although we are definitely planning on heading down for Margaret River Dressage next year. It was a great weekend. 🙂

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