Helpful Videos.

I am loving H&C Tv. They have some great masterclass clips available, even if you haven’t got a subscription (or live outside the UK and Ireland).

You will notice that a lot of these clips are from Evention Tv. Evention TV is hosted by Dom and Jimmie Schramm, who I am sure I have mentioned before on my blog. Their YouTube channel is full of great, informative videos. If you have a second (or a few hours) take a look. 🙂

These are handy when riding Bo, who is a bit lazy and behind the leg.

These are ones I would use with GK, who is very forward especially when jumping.


One response to “Helpful Videos.

  1. Reblogged this on Equitation in the French tradition and commented:
    These days, it is not unusual for people, who are motivated to ride their horse well, to look for helpful videos. Helpful videos are those that illustrate one or two points simply and efficiently. This one does that.

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