W.A.Y.E.R. and Interschools

Sooo, Easter long weekend… It was busy. Actually, I haven’t had much down time since Easter.

I finished work at 12.30pm (after having puppy cuddles) on the Thursday before Easter as my cousin was getting married on the beach in Cottesloe at 4.30pm.


The wedding was beautiful. It was lovely and sunny, not too cold and we got treated to an amazing WA sunset.


Canada – I don’t know where you came up with the idea for the maple candy things… but they are freaking amazing!


SL and I taking drunk selfies


The next morning, I had to get GK up to Bullsbrook for a lesson with G at 10.30. To say I was feeling a bit under the weather was a huge understatement. I was hideously hungover and the drive up to Bullsbrook was not fun at all. GK and G worked really well and it was a huge help for the pair of them before Interschools. GK was home, in the paddock by lunch time and Bo and Cadbury were loaded up, ready for SP and I to head back up to the Swan Valley in preparation for W.A.Y.E.R. as the pair of us had dressage at around 7.30am on Saturday morning.

Bo had an ok Dressage test. It was better than his previous one – all 4 feet stayed on the ground… He was in joint 16th place on a 56.59. He was a bit tense, broke gait and was a worm down the center line, but a huge improvement from his last test, so I wasn’t too disappointed.

Ruby watching Show Jumping


Show Jumping was promising. There was a tight line from jump 3 to jump 4 (GK would have loved it and he just sits on his bum and turns), Bo is not the most agile of horses and turning him is almost like turning a cruise liner. I managed to get the turn ok, but completely lost the canter and Bo stalled before the jump. With out class being such a competitive class, I wasn’t focused on trying to get time or anything, so I took Bo on a long line, giving him plenty of time to look at the jump on the re-approach. He flew over it and had no problems with the rest of the course. We had a bit of time, but Bo did try hard and it was a lot better than GK’s first attempt at 80cm, so I was pretty happy.

Second time over jump 4 – easy as


The next morning, I took Bo out of the stables and all of his legs were swollen. So Bo got to spend 3 hours outside, stuffing his face with the lovely green grass at the SEC and the occasional trot and canter in the round yards. That worked well for us as a warm up for him, as Bo doesn’t overly like XC warm up. I got him tacked up and headed out for XC warm up where we walked and trotted around for a little bit. I got my friend A to lead him through the marshaling area, as there were horses were cantering and galloping around and Bo was starting to kick off. He walked around the start box and when the starter got to zero, A let go. Bo was like, “ooh! OOh! What? Oh, go? Ok, We go now…” complete with some bunny hops and and cantering on the spot, which cost us some time. He was a little hesitant over the first jump, was fine over the second… then came the third jump – which was a chevron. He sure had a bee in his bonnet about that one… Was not keen at all. He refused it twice, so on the third attempt, he got a massive kick (I was wearing spurs too) and a smack on the butt which must have convinced him that he needed to jump it. He flew over the rest of the course and felt amazing. We then got to jump 13 which was coming off a little mound, so Bo had a little look at it and refused again… I took him around and made him jump it on an angle from the flat ground and he cleared it without a second glance. We took off, powering through the rest of the jumps and finished the course.

Relaxing before XC

17 16 15

My view while doing my helper duty – XC Jump Judge ๐Ÿ™‚


The evil jumps – 3 & 13

13 12

We ended up dead last… on triple digits which is a bit embarrassing, however at least we completed. Which is more than I can say for GK’s first EvA80 and Bo will be heading in to Moora with a lot more confidence. He has been off work for the last week, as I took him for a gallop down the beach last weekend. He clipped the inside of his left leg and gave himself a teeny, tiny cut… so of course his leg blew up and he was lame. I rode him last night and he was ok in walk and trot but he was not happy cantering on the right rein. Fingers crossed he is ok by the weekend, otherwise GK will be doing Moora.

Now onto Interschools…………

3 Days of Madness.

We had an early start on Thursday. I was up at 4am to go and get GK, so I could have him at the State Equestrian Center for just after 6am.

GK before his first SJ class


G and GK’s first class was the 70cm show jumping. GK jumped well for G. She was a little nervous as he was being a little bit of a snot bag, but they made it round clear and in time so went straight into the jump off where they went clear again, but were a little slow.

In action


Next was the Prelim 1.3 Dressage test which was pretty impressive. G came out of it not happy because her transitions were not as tidy as she would have liked… She was absolutely gobsmacked when she found out she not only scored a 71%, but came second in her heat and qualified for the finals on Saturday.

1.3 test

Strike a pose

9 8 7 6 5

After the 1.3, they had the 60cm Show Jumping. GK was fantastic for G, flying over everything and once again, they made the jump off. This time G had a bit more confidence and picked up the speed. They finished 4th in their heat.

Friday, GK and G had their Novice 2.3 test. It wasn’t super fantastic, but they improved on their score from last year. And with a bit of work to polish everything up, next year they will come out swinging.

Saturday was the 1.3 final. Because he had his Working Hunter class not long after his dressage final, SL came up and did his make up before Dressage. He wasn’t all that happy about it – he doesn’t like having make up put on. The final was in the Indoor arena, which GK has only ever been in once before – for the Milne Feeds Spectacular, where he was doing a speed SJ round. To his credit, he was calm and listened to everything G told him to do. I had a massive proud mumma moment and was bawling my eyes out while filming their test.

Warm up for finals


Not happy about the make up


1.3 Finals

Next up was Working Hunter. GK and G got to have a bit of fun. It was their last event and they were relaxed, all the pressure was off and they just cruised around. Their ridden work out was fantastic. GK worked like a seasoned show horse and made it all look effortless. His In Hand work out was not fantastic, but they managed to get 13th out of around 60, which is a massive improvement on last year where they came last. G also managed to come 4th in her ridden work out.

G and GK ended up with a 4th in the 60cm heat, a 4th in the rider part of the Working Hunter, 2nd in their 1.3 heat and helped their school win Champion Secondary Show Horse Team, scoring them a trophy, nice big rosette and a nice new embroidered saddle blanket.


It was a great result. G had a heap of fun, GK seemed to enjoy himself – although by Saturday afternoon he was well and truly over it and was starting to throw temper tantrums, so I took him home for a well deserved roll and a gallop around with Bo.

I am looking forward to a relaxing this coming weekend. I plan on staying up and watching Rolex, going to the Dawn Service and having a riding lesson with IS who is flying over from the east coast(hopefully on Bo, but if he is still lame, GK can come).

Until next time…

Take Care



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