Moora – Done and Dusted (literally)

So Moora is over for the year. It was my first run on the EvA80 course and it was supposed to be Bo’s second EvA80 run.

Unfortunately Bo cut himself when doing fitness work at the beach about 3 weeks ago and was lame for 2 weeks, so GK came instead.

I had a great draw. GK was on at 13.25 on Saturday for Dressage, 10.59 on Sun for SJ and 14.17 on Sun for XC which meant I could head up to Moora on Saturday instead of Friday.

On the road


GK got washed and plaited as normal on Friday night and was ready to go Sat morning when I got to M’s. We made great time, leaving just after 6.30 and arriving about 9.00. GK traveled well and hopped out of the float fresh as a daisy. I am surprised he stayed as clean as he did… Moora was super dusty and it was the super fine bull dust (for those who have no idea what I am talking about – bull dust is a super fine powdery red dust that gets into everything, Seriously google it… there are some pretty impressive images of it).

GK’s dressage was good. Seriously. I was really happy with it. His score didn’t reflect how well he did. He trotted when I asked, Cantered when I asked, didn’t fight me in the transitions and was pretty relaxed for GK standards. We got marked down for tension, but every fly in Western Australian seemed to have converged on Moora and he had about 200 buzzing around his face. I would have been tense too. We had no stretch trot or walk because of them either, but overall the test was an improvement from Capel, so I was happy.

Once Dressage was over, my cousin M unplaited GK while I got changed and filled up GK’s water buckets. I then went out to walk the XC course. It was decorated to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing in WWI. There were ammunition crates (not real ones), Red Cross Boxes, Campsites, rifles (fake) and poppies everywhere. It was fantastically well done and I wish I had gotten pictures. The EvA80 XC course looked really fun and there was nothing GK hasn’t seen and jumped before, so I was feeling pretty confident…. Until I fell down my float ramp and popped my kneecap out. Dammit! It was my “good” knee too. So it was sore and swollen and even taking pain killers, I still had bugger all strength in my left leg and had to do SJ and XC still. Lucky GK generally doesn’t require too much leg when jumping and luckily it was only my knee… Unlike my poor friend R, who hurt her back and as a result one of our friends, L offered to ride R’s horses Peter and Terika as well as her own 3 (L hadn’t ridden or jumped Peter or Terika and managed to pull off 7th place in Terikia’s first EvA95 with only one SJ rail and 1 time penalty and 7th in the EvA105 on Peter with one SJ rail, not to mention a 6th in the 1*, 1st in the EvA95 and 17th on her baby in the EvA80 – Talk about a busy weekend!!)

Ok, so back to GK… Show Jumping. I am slowly getting the hang of the new bit. GK grew wings and flew around the course like a pro. He got a bit forward and strong on the last line, (it was supposed to be like 8 strides – GK did it in about 6) but went clear thankfully.

Next up was XC. We flew out of the start box and he settled into a good rhythm straight away. By jump 6, we were about 20 seconds under time. Then for some reason GK didn’t want to jump the bank and we had a run out. I didn’t have the strength in my leg to keep him on my line… 20 penalties and we lost some time. We got over the bank and the house clean then on the gallop stretch between the house and the next jump GK decided to head back around to the hay bale jump… Maybe he was trying to help? He has done the 65 course before and he was quite correct in heading towards that jump as that is the 65cm course… But any way, whatever the reason it cost us more time and my knee was starting to hurt a little by this time. We made it through the rest of the course with no more jump penalties. We had some time penalties when we finished which was due in part to not being able to get the rhythm back again after those hiccups, but over all… It was one of the better XC rounds GK has done. He was responsive, sped up when asked… mostly slowed down when asked, so I can’t be too annoyed with him. He really did try and look after me out there.

GK’s XC video (It’s a bit noisy, I had my camera on the wrong part of my helmet… Sorry!)

How’s the serenity? 


Lift back from XCJJ with the Crash Crew


Next up is Perth Horse Trials at Wooroloo Prison Farm and as Bo is a bit of a land whale at the moment, GK is entered. It’s just me heading up. M hasn’t entered Joe, SP hasn’t got Cadbury going and SL hasn’t got Angel going either. We are going to stay at R’s in the Barn (well me in the Barn and GK in the paddock next to the Barn) – Yay for hot showers!!

After Wooroloo is Brigadoon 1 which falls on the weekend of my birthday – Remind me why I decided that entering 2 horses would be fun?!? Hopefully Bo is fit enough. We have a lesson with D, who has flown over from the east coast this weekend, so Bo will be working on his jumping. Poor Ranga-pony won’t know what hit him. And thankfully before Brig Bo will be having a haircut. He is looking a bit too fluffy for my taste at the moment.

Welcome home cuddles with Ruby


I hope you are all well.

Til next time, take care.

C xx


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