Eventin’ in the Rain, Just Eventin’ in the Rain….

As you can probably guess, this weekend was wet. The clip above is pretty much my weekend – I wasn’t really dancing around in it though, more trudging whilst being cold and miserable. Over Saturday and Sunday it was forecast that 100mm of rain was due to fall.

Some people scratched, but not me. Come hell or high water GK and I were going to Wooroloo for the 2 Day. Bo decided he would come along too. He has another Corneal Ulcer and his vet was up competing too, so rather than take time off work Bo came for a ride.

Sat when we arrived at the Prison, was reasonably warm. Bo and GK unloaded and settled into the float yards pretty well. I headed up to the secretary’s tent to get my back number before heading back to the float to change and walk my Show Jumping course.

Once I had done that, I started to get GK ready for dressage. Bo was not happy about being left at the float, so my cousin M was put on Bo wrangling duties. Bo was doing his best Kite impersonation. Spinning, rearing, screaming while M was holding on to the end of the leadrope. GK was a bit full of himself in warm up but settled well to do a solid test, which was unfortunately spoilt by pilot error. We had a new dressage test and I forgot that we didn’t have to halt and salute at the start, and because I was kicking myself for that mistake, we got the wrong canter lead on one of our circles. Bo screaming his head off, didn’t help but the dressage score was 60 penalties and that was on me. We were sitting 27th after dressage.

M and I took the boys back to the float, where I got changed and we got GK ready for SJ. Bo had to come along once again, but this time GK seemed to be focused on his jumping. We had a very, very fast round and GK tried to take over which nearly caused us to miss jump 7. Luckily I had a lesson with D on Wednesday and was working on corners and jumping on angles with Bo, so I lined it up and GK flew over the jump on a pretty serious angle. Fortunately that angle gave us a really nice line to jump 8 and 9, which GK pinged over like they were nothing. We moved up 2 places after SJ.

I took GK and Bo over to R’s place where they once again had a paddock to spend the night in, GK started to slip really badly in the float as I was pulling up R’s driveway, which is really unusual for GK. R said I could use some of her left over river sand to give him a bit of traction on the floor, so I put some in Gk’s bay and thought nothing more of it. I used half of the furniture in the Barn to dry clothes and rugs before heading back to get my helmet cam checked off and to walk my XC course with SK.

The next morning, I loaded up GK (because of Bo’s behaviour the day before he was staying behind for a couple of hours) and took off down the driveway. GK nearly fell over (the float was barely moving) and I had to pull over and try to figure out some way to help him. I ended up tying the center divider over with bailing twine which seemed to help and we continued on with no more falling over. I asked R if she could take GK home in her angle load float for me, as I had no way to get Bo home if GK needed the divider tied over. GK has always been fine to float, and he goes better in an angle then he does in a straight. She said sure and arrangements were made.

our xc round…

We got ready for XC with no problems and even though he was a little forward in warm up, he was having no problems with the rain or the conditions. A few little keen mini rears to show he was eager to get moving while we were in the start box and he was off. Over the first 5 jumps with no problems. He started pulling down the hill towards jump 6 which was an a b c sunken road. I was struggling to collect him before it, he saw the drop at the last second and stopped. Bugger! I turned him around, pointed him at it again and he flew through it with no problems. By now the rain was coming down in buckets and we were both soaked through. GK sprouted wings up the hill, ploughed through the water and over the final few jumps. I hit my watch as we came over the finish at 0.00! ย We had come home with no time penalties and as I hit my watch at 10 secs to go, we were 10 seconds under time. Yay! Little did I know… I had stuffed up and had another pilot error. I missed jump 11 which meant that GK and I got the big E which is a bit disappointing, but there were positives that outweighed my disappointment. GK felt the best he has ever felt out on course. A few more lessons with I to help with out dressage (and no big orange distractions bouncing all over the place) and we will be golden.

The jump I missed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Water Jump

4 3 2

After that, GK went and stayed near R’s float in a yard for the afternoon while I went to collect Bo and all my rugs and gear that was drying in the barn before heading home. It was a horrible drive. the roads were wet, visibility was low and because of having GK freaking out earlier, every time the float hit a bump or Bo moved his head, I freaked out. Bo was perfectly happy and didn’t move a foot. He wasn’t slipping or sliding and arrived home content. My nerves however, not so much.

I got a phone call from R about an hour after I got Bo home saying that GK was freaking out again. She had moved literally 2m at a snails place and GK’s bum was sliding out from under him. She pulled over, loosened his lead rope up, checked him over and then said she would still bring him home, but might take a while as she was going to drive like a nanna. 1 1/2 hours later, her headlights lit up M’s driveway. GK was home, unscathed physically. The only thing we can think that it might be is that he has slipped on the wet rubber and given himself a scare. Now he is scared of slipping. So I am getting some shavings and GK is going on 50m trips up and down the driveway in the float at a snails pace until he is comfortable. Then some trips around the block until he gets his confidence back. I have scratched him from Brigadoon as it is not fair to ask him to compete if he is stressing while floating. So Bo will be heading up to Brig by himself and GK can stay home and keep Champ company.

Until next time.

Take care



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