Brig 1 2015 – Progress!

How did I spend my birthday? Washing clothes, cleaning tack, scrubbing Bo and finally plaiting Bo for Brigadoon 1. Lucky he scrubs up well. ๐Ÿ˜‰


It was a lot quieter and less hectic than Brig 1 last year (between MC and I we had 5 horses running – Bo, GK, Joe, Smartie and Chevy.ย

MC didn’t come this time. I had SL for company, along with K (a friend of mine and SL) and also my cousin M. SL bought Angel with her and it was their first event after a pretty horrible end to last season for the pair of them. SL had 2 rotational falls on two horses at the one event. Bailey tripped over his feet in dressage and flipped over (for a second, I thought his neck was going to break) and Angel clipped her front legs on a jump which sent her and SL flipping over and landing on some pretty hard ground which resulted in both of them losing their mojo. Their next event, Alcoa Fairbridge it was pretty obvious. SL was a bundle of nerves and Angel was uncharacteristically refusing jumps.

Ruby and M’s dog Ares rounded out the group for the weekend.

Angel looking pretty


Morning at Brigadoon


A totally necessary accessory in the morning


M and Ruby keeping warm


Swag snuggles


IS came up and warmed Bo and I up for dressage. R actually didn’t recognise Bo and I in warm up til she rode straight past us. She was riding Peter and one of L’s baby horses, Mack ย for the weekend (L was riding Billy, Caruso, Dex and R’s mare Terika).

Any way… Bo looked smashing in warm up and did a reasonable test. I didn’t quite have enough contact after his free walk (which has improved a heap!) and there was a bit of tension and he got the wrong canter lead once which bought ย our overall score down. On the bright side, we were under 10 penalties away from the leader! SL and Angel were in 2nd place after dressage, and exactly 9 penalties ahead of Bo and I which considering how well schooled Angel is and how inexperienced Bo is, I was quite chuffed.

Bo-Donk in dressage

3 4 5

Angel in Dressage


We next had SJ. Bo did well, he was a little bit behind my leg and as a result was a little sticky over some jumps, but we got around clear which I was happy about as it was an improvement from W.A.Y.E.R. SL and Angel had one unlucky rail down… Which moved them down to 4th (and closer to Bo and I who moved up to equal 12th).

Bo Show Jumping


Angel Show Jumping


We then walked the XC ย course… If any of you have Cross Country App, feel free to download and have a look at the course – Brigadoon 1 EvA80 (we managed to get Ruby into every jump photo).

It’s my other cousin MA’s birthday the day after mine, so her and her lovely family, along with her father inlaw and my nanna came up to watch SL and I on XC on Sunday.

Nothing in the course was super challenging and I though Bo would be fine with it all. M walked me around into the start box. Bo as usual was a little sticky coming out of the start box, but we made it over the first 2 jumps. Coming around the corner before jump 3, my helmet cam fell off and distracted me slightly on the approach to the jump. I didn’t have as much leg on as I should have and Bo ran out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ One refusal. Bugger. I forgot to change Bo’s bit over and I didn’t quite have the adjustability that I would have liked with him, so I didn’t let him have his head too much. I wanted another nice, confidence booster of a round before we have a little break. We made it around with no other hiccups but time penalties which dropped us from 12th to 23rd. SL and Angel had time and a refusal at jump 3 as well. SL admitted that it was her fault as she asked how Bo and I went and she psyched herself out. They ended up 21st.


6 2

Bo, M and Ares after XC…


Angel XC

17 18

Overall, both Bo and Angel were fantastic. SL and I were super proud of them. Bo showed a heap of improvement from W.A.Y.E.R and Angel and SL are well on their way to getting their mojo back.

GK has shown progress with his floating. He has had a couple of short rides up and down the driveway. This weekend SL and I are going to work with him and see how he goes with a short trip around the block. We are taking everything slowly and GK should be back in no time. Bo is going to have a bit of a slack few weeks – light, easy work with some trail rides. MC has said I can have a bit of a play around with Joe, so I might take him over to R’s place and maybe to a SJ day or something. Joe is a bit of a tough nut, but I am determined to figure him out.

I am not eventing til Gidge which is the first weekend in August but I am going to Harvey with SL as helper/groom/pep talker/butt kicker/dog wrangler (Tyson and Ruby are coming with us), so I will be able to do a competition report for other people… Expect photos and videos… It will be nice to be able to relax at a show. haha

I hope you are all well.

Take Care

C xx


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