Weekend Escapades

So a couple of weekends ago was Supanova… SL and I went on Satrurday, I let my inner nerd out and happily wandered around Perth Convention Centre absolutely in awe of the time, money and effort some people put in to their costumes. There was TMNT, a Dalek (built onto a mobility scooter), The Mad Hatter, Maleficent, Predator, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and a whole heap more.

11 12

My highlight was meeting Nathan Fillion. I could barely squeak out a hello to him and was grinning like an idiot while I got a photo with him. Exciting times.


Sunday SL, M, T and I took Angel, Bo, GK and Etosha to Wallangarra Pony Club for their show jumping and cross country training day.  I made the decision to take Bo in two rounds at 80cm and I put my big girl pants on and entered GK in one round of 80cm and one round of 95cm.

The first round SL and I decided to run Bo and Angel together to help with Angel’s confidence and to get Bo moving. He had a couple of awkward jumps over the first 2 jumps and wanted to stop at the 3rd, but I managed to kick him over. Once we were over that Bo decided that it was a race and I had to hold him back so Angel could keep up (especially as we weren’t going for time). Bo had one stop at the A element of the water which nearly resulted in him being rear ended by Angel. haha

first attempt


I hopped straight off Bo, changed my stirrups over to GK and proceeded to warm up GK. The little snot was pigrooting and bucking and altogether fresh as a daisy. So much so that I was debating taking him on a 95cm run. I decided to run him at 80cm first and if he played up… well at least the jumps were smaller. Not as much to hit.

GK was nuclear powered. He flew over everything and even allowed me to half halt and collect him before jumps! It was like he had been taken by body snatchers. It was an awesome run and by the time I came through the finish flags, I was grinning from ear to ear.


2 3

I hopped off GK, switched back to Bo did a little bit of trotting around, before the Ginger Ninja was ready to go again. This time there were no problems, I even managed jump 7 with super loose reins as I slipped them coming off the bank and had a curving 4 strides to get him over the next fence. Bo powered around most of the course, only running out of steam towards the water jump. By this stage I was exhausted and my legs were killing me.

chicken winging it…


I switched over for the last time and go GK ready for his first 95cm run xc. There was an awesome ABC bank combination and a log on top a really tall hill that I was looking forward to attempting. Out the back there was a jump I was quietly apprehensive about, it was a max height, imposing, solid pyramid, log thing. Nearly the same size as GK, but my plan of attack was to basically attack it. Ride really forward and positive to it and hope for the best.

GK pinged over the bank combo, over the Trakhener and headed towards the huge fence. I lined it up, rode GK at it and hope for the best…. GK soared over it and charged off into the bush with me yelling and whooping on board. The next few jumps were a breeze before we headed down into the creek bed and up towards the log/drop on the hill. GK didn’t quite understand it and ran out to the side, which was fine, until the ground disappeared from under his feet. I stopped him, made him walk up the hill and gave him a good look at it before heading back down to the creek bed and re-approaching the jump again. Second time lucky and GK popped over it before heading off to the next fence.

up the hill

6 5

By the time we got to the water, Gk was getting a bit tired and not locking on to jumps like he normally does, so we had a run out at the A element of the water and the B element of it. On the second attempt, he cleared both jumps. He was so brave and felt awesome out on course. His ears were forward and he felt like he enjoyed every second of it.

Angel went on to do a 80cm and a 95cm SJ round and flew too. She has got her mojo back and Etosha jumped wonderfully too. After a big day, GK got to be the meat in a ginger sandwich and spent some time striking up a bromance with Vegas. Vegas, GK and Bo were happy to share feed, hay, licks and friendly nips while we watched some other friends show jump.

Vegas, GK & Bo chilling out




It was a great weekend, so many positives have come out of it. I cannot wait til Gidge!

Take care



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