Apologies! Updates!

Hi all, sorry about my radio silence over the last few weeks.

I have been running around, grooming, riding and attending committee meetings.

Gidgegannup CNC is one event that is spread over two weekends. Gidge 1 or Big Gidge is EvA95 – 2** and was held on 25th & 26th July. Rachael (I am going to use names now. it’s too hard with just initials), had Peter in the EvA105, Liz had Rachael’s mare Terika and Caruso in the EvA95 and Billy in the 1*.

It was a lovely weekend. The weather held off and although it was cold, it didn’t rain. Peter did a good test, but got a disappointing score. Terika, Caruso and Billy all did great tests and were sitting pretty good in their respective classes after dressage.

Rachael, Peter and Captain Nemo (owned by Valantfield Park)


Peter and Rachael had a cracker of a XC ride. They finished clear and inside time (one of only 3 riders who had no time penalties) and moved up the ladder. An unlucky rail in SJ meant they finished in 11th place.

Liz had a great ride on the lovely Terika, they flew around XC and had no rails in SJ and managed to win the EvA95(A) class, finishing on their dressage score.

Liz and Caruso had a stop on XC and that took them from first place after Dressage and SJ, to 15th place.

Liz and the handsome ranga, Billy had 1.6 time on XC and one rail in SJ to finish is a very respectable 4th place.

I don’t know how Liz does it… 3 horses in a weekend. I am tired after two!

The very next weekend was Gidge 2 or Little Gidge. My amazing cousin Michael came to helped both myself and Pippa. Between us we had 6 horses, 5 of which were being ridden. Andrea and Erica’s help was also hugely appreciated. It made my job a little easier. Mel let me borrow Joe for the weekend, to keep Bo or GK company while I was riding one of them. Having Joe there made life a little easier as I didn’t have to get Michael to hold one while the other was being ridden.

Bo, Joe and GK relaxing in the yards


Bo was in Dressage first. We had a little bit of a lake in our arena, and Bo was a little tense as he could hear GK calling for him. He did an average dressage test, but scored a whole lot better than GK did.

GK was super tense in dressage. It wasn’t helped by our arena running late due to the arena blowing over, so by the time we got into the arena, he was a little over it and wouldn’t relax. He racked up his worst score of the season so far.

After I finished with my two, I went and helped Michael and Pippa get some of her horses ready. She had 3 to ride, Czar, Jack and Basil. Czar was in Bo’s class in the EvA80(B) and Jack and Basil were in the EvA65 classes.

It wasn’t a super successful weekend at Gidge for the EvA80 boys. Czar was withdrawn after XC, Bo played up the whole way around XC and then was eliminated in SJ for refusals. GK was a little super star XC, coming in with 6.4 time (but that was my fault for not walking the course properly and messing up minute markers. He had an uncharacteristic 2 rails in SJ though and we finished near the bottom of the class.

GK after XC (thanks to Andrea’s Snap Chat)


GK’s XC video


Nah mum, I feel like trying reining today… look at my sliding stop


Putting my boatie skills to good use…Β 


to see what I am on about, watch these. Before I started riding, I was a surf life saver and competed surf boats for fun.

Baby Basil did well and took everything in his stride. He completed the XC with only one stop and had a few time penalties, but he is quite green still and shows great promise. Jack showed what a pro he is, adding only 1.2 time to his dressage score, to finish 7th in a super strong EvA65(B) class where the winner was on a 28.44! I can only dream of a score like that at present…

Since Gidge, both boys have had a little break. Bo has been busy eating stinging nettles (weirdo) and GK has been focused on getting as dirty as he possibly can.

om nom nom


Why no, I haven’t been rolling. What ever gave you that idea?


GK will be heading up the hill to the prison for Perth Horse Trials’s Wooroloo 3DE. This event has to be one of my favourite events on the calendar. I don’t know whether it is the location (which is stunning), the XC course (which is superbly maintained) or if it is the fantastic “Dressage is Done” Party which is sponsored by Reese’s Structures and Gilkison’s Event Hire. The PHT committee does a great job with this event to ensure that the grounds are well maintained and that the event runs smoothly.

GK at Wooroloo 1 earlier this year

4 3

In other news… I have a sponsor! Southern Cross Floats and Trailers. They are a new, local business that specialises in;

  • float modifications
  • float repairs
  • float servicing
  • float detailing
  • float yards
  • cattle yards
  • feed bins
  • saddle stands
  • saddle racks
  • hay rings
  • portable xc jumps
  • arena rakes
  • and more!


More exciting news…. Alcoa International Horse Trials turns 20 this year! I am so glad to be on the committee for this event. It has been a massive learning curve, and the event hasn’t even run yet. I have been put in charge of our Flashback Friday posts, where each Friday we feature pictures from the last 20 years to our Facebook page Alcoa International Horse TrialsΒ and also our Instagram account Alcoa International Horse Trials. Please follow us, as in the lead up to the event, we will be posting some behind the scenes shots of our hard working committee and volunteers getting this event ready.

Past Fairbridge competitors include Olympians Clayton Fredericks, Megan Jones and Blyth Tait. In 1996 we were even host to the Trans Tasman Young Rider Championships and the event featured Show Jumping, Young Dressage Horse, Hunt Club displays, Vaulting, Pony Club costume rides, Vintage cars, Jack Russell racing, Combined Driving and more! I urge all riders to volunteer for an event committee at some stage in their riding careers. It is hard work, but you will learn a great deal and have fun while giving back to the sport.

I have learnt a great deal about the history of this event and I can’t wait til it finally arrives! In the lead up to it, I have taken a little over a week off work and will be taking GK and Bo to stay at Liz’s place. Can someone say awesome lead up?!? I will be able to ride in daylight, ride in Liz’s lovely dressage and jump arenas as well as use her 3km fitness track! The boys won’t know what hit them.

I promise to not leave my updates this long again.


Until next time.

Take Care



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