Wooroloo 3DE

The 3 Day is over for another year.

This one was bigger and better then ever. A massive congrats to the committee for all their hard work getting this event put together. It was fantastic. The attention to detail was great. SJ was fantastic, the XC course rode well and was quite challenging for all grades.

On the way up the hill

10 9

This weekend Liz was in the CCI* with Billy and the CIC2* with Dex. Rachael was in the CCN105 with Peter. Pip had Jack with me in the EvA80.

Unfotunately Dex trotted up lame on Saturday during Dressage warm up, so Liz was down to just Billy.

GK had a good dressage test. He was nice, soft and seeking the contact but just needed to me more forward to have received higher marks, so despite our accuracy and nice paces, we got a disappointing 63. 😦

Relaxing with Nemo, Jack and Mahjong


Pip and Jack had a cracker of a test and scored a 49!

Saturday afternoon consisted of wandering around the lovely trade village, drinking large amounts of coffee and walking the XC course. The EvA80 course took us up and down the hill 4 times, and I was a little puffed when we finished but that didn’t stop me from walking it again. It was a beautiful course to walk and the second time around I went and took a look at some of the 3* jumps… Like the massive quarry. I couldn’t see over the top!

One of the beautiful horses created by Living Roses watching over the XC course

7 6

The 3* Quarry with Tegan and Felicity showing the size of the thing!


I went and investigated some of the Kelato products, stocked up on Amino Gloss and Swell Down and decided to try Muscle Guard on GK to help him recover after XC on Sunday. I also stopped by Southern Stars and picked up a Flair strip. I figured that the more I could do to help GK on the XC, the better. I also picked up a Red Light Therapy pad from Red Light Therapy Kits who had them available for hire for the weekend.

GK had some cool reactions to the Red Light Pad, which I hadn’t seen before when treating him with Bowen or my Red Light Torch.

Saturday night we had dinner at Wooroloo. It was really nice, filling and put on by the committee. The dressage is done party was also on, but despite buying a ticket, I was exhausted and opted for an early night.

Sunday morning I was awake at 5am, but opted to stay in bed til 6am because my bed was toasty warm and outside was freezing cold. GK was awake and waiting for breakfast when I finally emerged from the back of my float.

View across the paddock from the water trough


GK and I had show jumping at around 9.30, so there was plenty of time to grab a coffee and ask Jim for a lift on the quad bike up to the water jump. I was able to watch the first 5 EvA105 horses on course before I had to head back to start getting GK ready.

Coffee “line”


GK in action

7 6 5

In warm up GK was feeling a bit full of himself and I knew it was going to be difficult keeping his attention on the task at hand once we got into the arena. He didn’t disappoint. He was a little feral. He slipped coming around the corner after jump 4, locked onto jump 2 when I was trying to turn him to jump 5a and because he was being a little snot and not listening to my seat, he got the front rail of jump 7 and most of jump 8. I was not really impressed with him.

We had a few hours break between SJ and XC, so GK went back to the yards to keep Nemo company while Jack and Pippa went up to the show jump arena. Jack being the superstar that he is, jumped clear.

I then went up to the water jump to watch Liz and Billy on course. Billy was great through the water and was very brave on course. Next came the CIC and CCI 2*, followed by the CIC and CCI 3*. There are 8 Western Australian riders that are qualified to head over the Nullarbor to Adelaide and compete at the Australian International 3 Day Event! My FEI TV account is going to get a hammering this year!

The water jump!


GK and I had XC at about 14.30 and warming up, I thought he felt good… Even with a slightly crooked Flair strip because someone wouldn’t keep his head still while I applied it.

The starter counted us down, GK threw a bit of a temper tantrum and then we were off. GK flew through the first part of the XC course, Over the logs at 1, 2 and 3. He grew wings over the Dunny Brush (for those not sure what a Dunny is, have a look at this link and it will give you a pretty good idea) and headed down the first hill. Historically, I have not had much steering when heading down hills at speed. This time GK was pretty good, but I did waste a bit of time as I bought him back to an almost collected canter to make the tight turn the the drop. Once we were over the fort, we headed back up the hill towards the water jump. We had an option as to whether we wanted to jump in or walk in as our drop in wasn’t flagged, the white flag was in the middle of the water jump, near the 3* jump. I chose to jump in as GK has not had problems with water in the past. We nearly caught the rider in front of us as she seemed to have a bit of a problem with the water. Heading back down the hill, we had an Apex between some trees, a wine barrel jump and we then jumped the sunken road that GK stopped at last Wooroloo in reverse. GK pinged through that before storming back up the hill, through the trees. I slowed him down, for jump 16ab as the b element had a drop down the other side and jump 17 was pretty soon after… I wasn’t keen on heading down the hill at warp speed. GK flew over the final few jumps and finished really strongly. We has 7 time penalties, but that was due to me slowing him in those two parts and not pushing him after to make up time. Totally my fault, but GK was amazing. He finished so strong that it felt like he would be capable for running the course again at that speed or faster. I feel that the Flair strip and the Kelato Muscle Guard helped quite a lot.

Over the Dunny Brush


Once we got back to the float, I think he adrenaline wore off and he was quite tired and enjoyed having a hose off and some hay. I went back up to the trade village and got an amazing soy candle from Wildfire Scents. It was very hard choosing just one.

We ended up in 13th place, Pippa and Jack came 6th and finished on their dressage score!

Liz and Rachael had to stay until Monday as they had trot up followed by Show Jumping.

Liz and Billy had one unlucky rail and finished in 12th place. Rachael and Peter finished in 12th place also and were one of only 5 combinations to finish on their dressage score and one of nine to go double clear on XC.

Next up is Fairbridge. I will do my best to keep you all updated on the organisation of the event. There is a busy bee on Saturday for us committee members and I also have to go and get hay for the boys.

I hope you are all well.

Take Care



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