You don’t need a fancy horse…

I found this article on Eventing Connect. I love it. Please read and share 🙂

and also this one from Horse Collaborative.

Basically, instead of saying your horse is “bad,” say “He/She is not doing what I want because….” 

1. He doesn’t understand the aids I just applied.
2. He’s not calm enough yet in his work to handle this request.
3. I`m asking him the wrong way, as in, I don’t know how to ask this question.
4. The horse isn’t physically strong enough yet to comply with what I asked.
5.Something hurts him, saddle fit, bit, hocks, stifles, back, something is making him uncomfortable.
6. My warm up was too short—he’s still “high”.
7. The atmosphere here is too electric for him to handle.
8. Oops, I am in a bad mood, and I asked too roughly.
9. I as a rider am not yet physically elastic and quiet enough in my riding to not upset him.

100% makes sense. I am totally going to laminate it and stick it in my float/tack room for when I need a gentle kick up the backside.




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