Step 1: Admit you are the problem

This is awesome. I love this post.

You want to improve? Why aren’t you doing it? Ultimately, you are the one putting limits on your own potential.


Before my terrible lesson ended last week, I asked my trainer to record one of my rides around the jump course.

I watched it more times than I’d like to confess.

However, once I got past making myself feel truly terrible for what I looked like physically, I proceeded to breakdown my terrible form and lack of technique.

I ranted on and on about things I could be doing to improve, until my husband interrupted with the question, “then why don’t you?”

I felt like Maleficent. My eyes began to glow and I slowly began transforming into a fire-breathing dragon that was ready to strike at whatever intolerable comments he’d say next.

He asked again, “then why don’t you?”

Overheating, I began running through my list of excuses (we can’t afford more lessons, I don’t have the time, etc.). Then, Ilowered my eyesand said, “I don’t know.”

I followed that…

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