I hope everyone had an amazing one. No one over indulged? πŸ™‚


Straight back into it… Serpy ODE. Some awesome points… Some not so awesome points. An OK dressage test, he is constantly improving and his work is improving which I was pretty pleased with.

But GK’s roll top issues came back to bite us in the XC. He got half way over the second jump, which was a roll top before he realised it was bigger than normal. Cue flash backs to the rotational fall at Gidge a few years back and he was freaking out. I could not get him over it no matter how hard I tried, he would get 2 strides out and slam on the brakes.

I made the decision to warm him up for Show Jumping to see how he went. He was back to normal, and only got one rail which I was please about for our first time competing at 95cms. I would have liked to have finished to weekend and not be eliminated, but GK needs more confidence.

He is currently out on spell and will be returning at the end of Jan. Bo will then go down for a little holiday before coming back and jumping into pre-season work.

Joe has not been so lucky. He is in work 4-5 days a week and we have been working on forward and supple… something that has taken me a little while to get the hang of.

the bay brigade…. L-R Rachael & Terika, Joe & I, Sara & Ellie


This weekend just gone, I took Joe to a clinic with one of our local riders, Tim Ellis. It went very well and it was awesome having an extra set of eyes on the ground while I figured out “Joe”. We did a heap of pole work in our morning lesson, something that is super important and I know I don’t do nearly enough off Β it.

We had a minor disagreement in terms of direction at one stage, and I ended up on my backside in the dirt. After that though, we improved in leaps and bounds. Joe and I finished the day on a high note, calmly cruising around the EvA95 height jumps with no problems! Things are looking promising for us entering EvA95 at Capel.

Joe, Bo, Grace and I are off to Rachael’s to play around on Friday and I will be popping him over some larger fences and practicing before taking him to Magenup ARC’s Training Day Fundraiser for Log Fence Pony Club that was unfortunately burnt to the ground in the recent fires around Waroona, Yarloop, Cookernup and Harvey.

Yarloop burning


the size of the fire compared to Edinburgh (inner line is what was burnt, outer line is area under threat)


as above, but compared to Los Angeles


as above, compared to Paris


as above, compared to London.Β 


fire fighters, so exhausted from fighting those fires, that they collapsed and fell asleep not more than 50m from the fire trucks they had just vacated.Β 


Our first proper competition will hopefully be at Southside Jump Club on 28th February.

Until next time, take care.


C xx



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