Guess Who’s Home???

GK!! He is back home after enjoying a nice holiday down in Pinjarra (he even came home a little bit fat, well fat for GK anyway).

GK and Storm


Bo got left down for his slightly shorter holiday, which he seems to be enjoying so far.

Very early Friday morning, I got a phone call from nan saying that across the road was on fire again and I needed to get there ASAP as police were blocking roads and we needed to evacuate. So Joe, Mon, Champ, Danny, Bo and Storm spent the night at Shanay and Michael’s again. There were two fires lit, one jumped the highway and was about 400m from the house and the other was about 300m away from the house. Thankfully all the horses were well behaved, hopped straight on the floats and we got them to safety pretty easily.

Champ and Storm enjoying evacuation


As I was heading down to drop off Bo and pick up Bo, I took Joe down to do a little bit of jumping too. I am super happy with how Joe and I are doing. Joe was foot perfect and I cannot wait to start competing him. This weekend is Magenup’s training day in which Joe and I are going to be doing 70cms, 80cms and 90cms. Hopefully we go well and continue working the way we have been at home.

Training with Joe

GK had his first ride back last night and it was a lot less eventful then I thought it would be. The time off had done him well, he was quite content to just walk and trot in a nice, long frame.

Little baby Storm, who has been up for the last month, doing some training while GK and Bo are having their holidays, is going to his first ever show on the weekend too. We will be heading to Gosnells Summer Showoffs and doing some In Hand showing for something a bit new and different. This will be my first time presenting a horse in a breed show, wish me luck!!

Storm’s adventures

Until next time,

Take Care






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