Why There Will Soon Be No Event Photographers Left

Something that all competitors should keep in mind. Too often, I see people posting pics of watermarked images on social media. It’s tacky and incredibly disrespectful to those hard working photographers who sit out at events, rain, hail or shine. If you like a photograph so much, purchase it. If you can’t afford to purchase it… Share the link to the photo. That way when you can afford to buy it, you can easily find the exact photo.

Sophie Callahan Photography


Ok, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I’m going to get my rant on today. It’s not something I do very often, but I feel that this is really important!

Here’s my question, to those of you who compete with your horses…
Is having a professional photographer, capturing those special moments, something you’d consider a basic requirement of any well run event? I’d probably say so.

If your answer was yes, then please, please, please, please (x infinity) stop stealing images from these hard working, event photographers.

I didn’t attend Horse of the Year Show, back in October, for the first time in years. But a couple of days after the event, I could tell that the HOYS photographer had just put the photographs online. No doubt they’d worked long and hard to get thousands of photos edited, curated and onto their website, for the competitors’ viewing pleasure, so quickly.

And the…

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