How Social Media Etiquette (or lack thereof) Affects the Modern Farrier (or trimmer … or trainer…) and YOU!

Some amazing person posted a link to this ( on a facebook page that I am a member of, in response to one of those posts… You know the ones I am talking about. “Does my horses hoof look ok here?”

It seems an alarming number of people are mistaking facebook for a professional service. Newsflash – It isn’t. There are so many people getting alarmingly inaccurate information from well-meaning individuals that quite frankly, haven’t got a clue.

If you are unhappy, or simply curious about the work that your farrier is doing, ask them about it. They should be able to explain what is happening with the hoof and why they have shod or trimmed your horse the way they have. Still not happy? Get a QUALIFIED (and I cannot stress that enough) second opinion.

Work with your farrier, not against him or her. Good ones are worth their weight in gold and are not thanked nearly enough for the great work they do.


Take Care



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