Back At It

It has been a steady few weeks with the 3 boys now in full work.

Baby Storm has gone back home to Pinjarra and Bo the land whale is home and settling into routine nicely.

Bo and Joe attended a free clinic run by Off The Track which is a program run by Racing and Wagering Western Australia to support the transition of retired Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds to second careers post racing. They run a few clinics throughout the year and have a variety of classes available from flat work to cross country at all levels.

Joe came to do the XC lesson, as I felt it might have been a bit too much for Bo who had just come off spell the week before. Joe was fantastic. I am learning a heap from him and we even managed to confidently pop over some prelim fences as if they were 65cm! Joe made it seem easy.

Bo made it through the warm up and 2 rounds of jumps before I pulled him out of the lesson. He was getting a bit puffed out and with the heat, it wasn’t fair to keep him working. I was very happy with how he worked in the lesson though. He has such heart and tries his heart out.

The next day, GK headed off to South Side Jump Club where he and Grace tackled 2 rounds of 75cms and their first round of 90cms. There were definitely some positive aspects to all their rounds, and there were some things to improve on ahead of Capel CNC on 18th & 19th March.


This weekend was a long weekend and Sunday saw me take Bo and Joe to the beach for some water work which was great fun as both boys enjoy the beach and we are lucky enough to live quite close by.

On Monday, GK and Bo went down to Murray Pony Club for their XC training day. It was the first time Bo had been on a XC course since last year, so of course I introduced him to as many different things as possible and I am happy to report that after a few silly moments, he got over everything he was put at…. Now we just need to work on getting him going forward, as Bo’s idea of XC seems to be more of a Sunday stroll.


This weekend, it’s back out on course for Bo. We are heading up to the lovely Brookleigh estate for some more training. We will also head back to the beach for some fitness work before putting the final finishing touches on our prep for Capel.

Coming along with us will be Ben and Erica with the loveable Monarch as well as Sophie and Charlie. Pippa, Sara, Rachael and Liz will also be there with their teams too. So much to do between now and then… Checking gear and replacing anything that is broken or worn, restocking my fat max with chalk, shampoo, brushes, thread, needles, bands and all other show prep products. Digging out the boys show saddle blankets, boots and bonnets to make sure they are all still nice looking… *sigh* Eventer problems, right?? πŸ™‚

Until next time


Take Care








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