Season 2016!!

This weekend is Capel CNC & Interschool Eventing Championship.

What does the weekend look like for ย me? Well, see for yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have dressage with Joe at 7.30 Sat morning, dressage with Bo at 10.33 Sat morning, show jumping with Joe at 13.15 Sat arvo, sj with Bo 14.34 Sat arvo, xc with Joe 12.32 Sun arvo and xc with Bo 13.51 Sun arvo. A nice, spread out weekend.

Grace and GK are competing in the Interschools Championship for the first time and are on at 10.47 Sat for dressage, 15.29 Sat for sj and 14.38 for xc on Sunday.

We are all heading down on Friday morning as parking at Capel can get a little tight and with the weather forecast not being able to make up its mind as to whether it will be hot or rainy, we are hoping to get well set up not too long after we get there.

Tonight is a huge night. Bo, Joe and GK are all getting trimmed up and pretty looking before they do some last minute jump schooling. Luckily, none of them are looking too feral and it will be a very quick process so I should be able to work all 3 before I lose daylight.

Other exciting news, I would like to announce that I have been sponsored by Southern Stars Saddlery for the 2016 season. It is a huge honor and I am very humbled by it. Southern Stars Saddlery is a family business, backed by the inspiration of Clayton Fredericks and his brother, Kelvin. They specialise in eventing, supplying tack for all 3 phases and have locations in Australia and the USA. I am super excited and slowly compiling a list of their great products that I will be purchasing. ๐Ÿ™‚ The boys are going to look mighty flash this season!

I will be posting pics to twitter (@courtenae87) and instagram (courtenae.t) – feel free to follow me if you like for prep and event pics.

Wish us luck!!!

Until next time, take care





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