Feel free to have a look through my links page. These are pages and products I use regularly with my riding, research, Equine Therapies and for general interest.

  • I use Photonic Red Light torches and wraps from Red Light Therapy Kits. They are well made and contain really handy “How To’ guides so that everyone can use this modality to benefit their horses.

  • When walking Cross Country Courses, I love this App. It is super handy and makes finding minute markers a breeze.

  • Eventing Nation – Red on Right, White on Left, Insanity in the Middle. Enough said! This great site features news and other interesting articles mostly from North America and a little from Europe.

  • a great site that features training tips, news and event info from the UK

  • Pro Equine Grooms a site for grooms, by grooms. A super handy resource featuring grooming tips, tricks, techniques, barn hacks, job listings and more. Well worth a read!

  • Kelato Animal Health – I use AminoGLOSS, HoofPRIME, QuikHEAL and SwellDOWN regularly. I also quite like their Cotton Wool and Gauze. After trying MuscleGUARD on GK at Wooroloo 3 Day to help with his recovery after XC, I am really impressed and will be using it again.

  • Pegasus Feeds are formulated especially for Western Australian conditions. They are formulated and supported by the nutritional expertise of Kentucky Equine Research. GK and Bo are both fed Pegasus Coolmax which is a cool energy, oat free feed.


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